Docker Beam System

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omni introduces the Docker Power & Data Distribution Beam. It’s ideal for benching or free standing height adjustable workstations in various layout options. The Docker allows user to easily manage power and data in place of complex and expensive changes to building infrastructure. The modular and configurable 8 wire design featuring from 1 to 4 circuits can also be set up to comply with California Title 24 power requirements

1. Four 120 V A/C outlets per seat 

2. Two CAT6 intranet outlets per seat (option) 

3. Available in silver, black, and white 

4. Tack-able fabric covered shared divider panels in 2 heights & 4 colors for privacy and sound absorption 

5. Powder coated steel construction 

6. Power Distribution System UL Certified to UL Standard #UL1286 

7. Pairs easily with commercial open market power service poles                                                                              Remarks:         

US National Electrical Code allows up to 16 120 V receptacle per 20 A circuit  

Title 24 Configurable  

1, 2, or 4 circuit 20 A 120 V A/C configuration options 

Up to 4 seats per power entry with 1 dedicated 120 V 20 A circuit (Non-Title 24 Compliant) 

Up to 8 seats per power entry with 2 dedicated 120 V 20 A circuits (Can be Title 24 Compliant) 

Up to 16 seats per power entry with 2 dedicated 120 V 20 A circuits (Can be Title 24 Compliant)                   

Power Beam Configurations 

Use these configurations or create your own!                                                              

1. In Line – Back to Back                                                                   

2. Cross 4 Pack                                                                             

3. In Line – Single                                                                                      

4. Herring Bone






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