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Omni Education Office Furniture Solutions


omni force for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service in one, according to the environmental needs of institutions, for customers to create intelligent, healthy, and efficient office furniture solutions.


Education Office Industry Demand

School furniture is different from ordinary furniture, the biggest difference needs to solve the traditional scheme of teacher furniture, combined with ergonomics, reduce the harm to the waist, back.

At the same time, with the increasing demand for online courses and more intelligent combinations, the furniture of the education system has become more and more diverse.


Main Products

1.Workstation, Simple and fashionable style, mortise and tenon structure, the table all contain architectural precision shooting. Using electrostatic powder spraying and E1 grade MDF board table top. Considering luxury and fashion, let employees communicate freely


2.Reading area, this is made of steel and wood, with a total height of 1800-2000mm for the bookshelves, with either a backboard or a door panel as an option. Open shelves are suitable for students to access. Set up reading tables and chairs in the bookshelf to achieve a comfortable reading effect

3. Training Space, adopts E1 grade high-density medium fiberboard, the structure is strong and durable; Tabletop with threading hole, simple appearance, stable; The study chair is made of high-end plastic material and has a colorful ergonomic design.


Successful Application

omni bench, Fixed Height Double Sided, Designer Tim Wallace, Silver omni bench, Adjustable Height Single Sided, Designer Tim Wallace, Privacy Screens offer enough privacy space

omni offers a holistic portfolio of solutions for every student, every teaching style, and every type of learning space—from the classroom to the front office and all the areas in between.

With year-round manufacturing facilities and best-in-class fulfillment solutions, omni works closely with our Trade Partners to ensure you reliably receive your bench on time every time.

omni builds quality products designed to withstand active minds and bodies. Durable solutions backed by a lifetime warranty ensure that every purchase is a wise investment.




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