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Omni Enterprise Office Furniture Solutions


omni force for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service in one, according to the environmental needs of institutions, for customers to create intelligent, healthy, and efficient office furniture solutions.


Enterprise Office Industry Demand

Make full use of office space, make employees active and focused, increase work efficiency. A good office environment can make employees actively face pressure and reduce external interference. As an important part of office furniture, it needs a high standard of health, beauty, and comfort. At the same time, the addition of intelligent functions is to enhances the superiority of the office environment.



Main Products

1. Manager Table, relatively independent but integrated with the overall office area, to ensure the authority of the manager, but also conducive to management; Long and deputy cabinet, with storage, host frame, keyboard frame; Tabletop elegant shape, smooth sealing edge line; Invisible cable trough and power cable.

2. Reading area, this is made of steel and wood, with a total height of 1800-2000mm for the bookshelves, with either a backboard or a door panel as an option. Open shelves are suitable for students to access. Set up reading tables and chairs in the bookshelf to achieve a comfortable reading effect

3. Training Space, adopts E1 grade high-density medium fiberboard, the structure is strong and durable; Tabletop with threading hole, simple appearance, stable; The study chair is made of high-end plastic material and has a colorful ergonomic design


Successful Application

omni office furniture Supply provides quality office supplies and technology to those working in the Enterprise. We like to say that if selling office supplies and office furniture was a sport, we'd be national champions! We serve the area within a 100-mile radius of Enterprise, and we know how to provide excellent customer service. Contact us today to find out more about what we carry, or to place an order for a particular product. We'll also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

At omni office furniture, our staff is totally dedicated to making sure you get what you need. Our focus on providing excellent customer service makes us stand out from the "big box" stores out there. We know that attention to detail and quality service makes a big difference, so we provide it in abundance.




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