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Omni Health Care Office Furniture Solutions


omni force for research and development, manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service in one, according to the environmental needs of institutions, for customers to create intelligent, healthy, and efficient office furniture solutions.


Healthcare Office Industry Demand

The health care system is different from the cold hospital, need to fully consider the care of the elderly and the warmth of the environment, medical treatment, rehabilitation and entertainment, life integration, so that the health care system furniture reflects the quality and harmony


Main Products

1. Workstation, Simple and fashionable style, mortise and tenon structure, the table all contain architectural precision shooting. Using electrostatic powder spraying and E1 grade MDF board table top. Considering luxury and fashion, let employees communicate freely

2. Conference Table, adopts E1 grade high-density medium fiberboard, the structure is strong and durable; Tabletop with threading hole, simple appearance, stable; Conference chair made of plywood one-time molding; Chair with armrest design, according to ergonomic design.

Successful Application

We work with you to determine which furniture will best facilitate the goals of your team and environment.   

Our comprehensive line of health care furniture is designed specifically to meet the strenuous demands of any health care facility.   We have equipped hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and mental health facilities with our modular, durable, and easy to clean products.   The main lobby and patient waiting spaces feature the beauty and comfort of lounge furniture. omni focused on creating spaces that make guests feel welcome and comfortable, while incorporating contemporary flair to mirror the health care space. 
Configurable furniture was needed to meet the changing demands of collaborative spaces. So Kupp seating along with height adjustable tables create the winning combination. Fringe lounge furniture, complete the corporate lunch room. Conference rooms, private offices, and shared works paces feature. 




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