Magick Bench

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Through its sophisticated architectural styling, the Magick Bench is quite beautifully refined. It is slim, elegant and crafted. Not a single detail has been missed in the design of the bench. An elegant piece of craftsmanship, Magick uses traditional framework and cut foam applications to explore intricate detailing on the dia-casting leg, underframe and screen. Attention to detail and careful consideration of the design can be seen in the beautiful dowles on the edge of the metal, with the option of painting. It is the simplicity of the design that makes it so beautiful.

Our office benching system. It easily integrates personalized accessories and storage and offers seated and standing height desks and benching for many work styles. Because of these options, Layout plays well with organizations too, letting them scale up or down to accommodate local preferences within a global system.

-Structure: Consists of a small number of components making it easy to adapt the system to changing needs at any time. It does not matter if the changes are due to expansion, reduction, or remodeling

- Screen: Fabric-covered screens in various widths enhance the privacy of workers and glass versions also enable communication. Screens can be lilted with a rail to accommodate various accessories.

-Power Solution: The wire management system is fitted to the bench frame and provides umbilical risers, ceiling entry, and horizontal trays for cable distribution and storage. In addition to this electrical and data socket outlets can be fitted to the cable trays as well as mounted on the worksurface.

- Installation: Our component sets are quick and simple to install, and reconfigure. 

1) Center aluminum extrusion makes screen mounting easy

2) Power and wire management included

3) Steel frame construction

4) Standard power includes 4 outlets per user (data add-on optional)

5) 24" and 30" depths

6) 48", 54", 60", 66", and 72" widths

7) can also offer customized solutions using standard parts.                                                                                                          

8) ANFI/BIFMA standard for total set. 

Magick Bench Configurations            

Use these configurations or create your own!                                           

1. In Line – Back to Back                                                                         

2. Cross 4 Pack                                                                             

3. In Line – Single                                                                            

4. Herring Bone                 






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