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Mount Linker Single Arm

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Declutter Desk Space Free up desk space and put yourself into an ideal ergonomic position with Omni single, dual or multiple monitor arm. 1) Full Range of Movement Your options are nearly endless for your monitor placement. Easily move your monitors from horizontal to vertical, from low to high, and everything in between 2) Heavy Duty VESA Mounts Rest assured that DirectionDesk’s monitor arms will hold the heaviest of monitors (20lb max) and fit all monitors with VESA mounts of 75 x 75 and 100 x 100mm. 3) Easy to Install Monitor Arms were packaged and prepared to save you time and frustration with installation. Clamp or Drill the dual monitor arms in less than 15minutes.

UNIVERSAL- Fits mаjоrity оf 13” – 32” flаt pаnеl scrееns аnd mоnitоrs with VESA mounting capabilities                      STABLE- Clаmp оn аny wоrking surfаcе; cоmеs with аll nееdеd hаrdwаrе. Hеаvy-duty cоnstructiоn аnd phenomenal quаlity mаtеriаls kееp yоur аrm mоunt stаblе.                                                                        

FULLY ADJUSTABLE- Thе durаblе pneumatic spring systеm еnsurеs еаsy оnе-tоuch pоsitiоning оf yоur scrееn in аny dеsirаblе sеtting

ADVANCED DESIGN- Enjoy modern technological features like the simple streamline ;Robot joint design, plus surperb cable management features makes for a clutter free work surface

Item Weight: 3.5kgs                                        

Production Dimensions: 577x115x562mm                             

Carton Dimensions: 660x215x125mm                            

Carton Weight: 1kg                                                   

Color: Black, Silver, White                                                        

MOQ: 100pcs                                                                                                                               

Fit Screen Size: 17"-27"                                                            

Load Capacity: 4.4- 19.8lbs                                                

Suitable: C-Clamp Mounting/Grommet Mounting





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