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As we are gradually coming out of an unprecedented crisis, we all know our way of life and our ways of working will be permanently altered, from personal adjustments to large societal ones. There is still uncertainty around what the office of tomorrow will look like but we know it will take place in more than one location. And we are here to help when work stories happen at home!

The home office allows flexibility for companies in establishing schedules and setting workspaces. The pandemic of 2020 switched a minor work modality, to a modality adopted by almost all companies. The possibility of working from home is a trend that provides multiple benefits for both companies and professionals.

For companies; the home office means greater productivity, the elimination of absenteeism from work, the reduction of costs and savings in the maintenance of unnecessary infrastructure. And at the same time, the autonomy for employees is increased. People can juggle work flows according to the schedule they want or

allow them to combine work life with family care, while avoiding

Generally, all these advantages have an impact as an increase in employee satisfaction, reinforcing their commitment to the company, and in the long term, an increase in their productivity. Thus, it is increasingly evident that this is a highly efficient way of working, especially in the areas of sales, marketing, software, or big data management. However, in order to get the most benefit of this work dynamic it is necessary to optimize your new workplace to maintain all the benefits and comforts of the home office.

How can you keep safe when working from home? 

In the office each power unit follows the U.S/Canada Standard; which reduces the risk of sockets being overloaded to keep everyone safe. 

At home, 67% of workers have been powering their workstations from extension leads whilst working from home. To stay safe when working in or out of the office, everyone should be provided with the correct equipment to work safely.       

Rigorous quality control

The production process sets multiple quality control points. With perfect testing equipment, it creates high quality and sustainability of products.         

Innovative customized products 

Innovation and Customization of Intelligent Solutions, rapidly response to customer’s needs and delivery on time.                                       

What we can offer for home solution?

Professional R & D team with 10+years’ experience people of the R&D department, obtained own patents. Maintain long-term cooperative relationships with internationally renowned furniture manufacturers, products and services are trusted by lots of customers around the world.





Jiangsu Omni Industrial Co.,Ltd

No. 9 YinBai Road, Hanjiang Industrial Park.



Phone: +86-514-85881909

Email : sales@omnipart.cn

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