The 46th CIFF (Shanghai)

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Show Name:The 46th CIFF (Shanghai)

Show Place:SHANGHAI Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.
Show time:10/09/2021-15/09/2021

Facility: 200㎡


The exhibition information

omni marketing and engineering teams also participated in this EXPO


With the theme of "Enjoy the new era of 5G Office Furniture(The 5th Generation’s Office Furniture), omni presents an office space full of wisdom and sense of science and technology in the 5G era.  


This time,omni office furniture published the newest series of height adjustable table and chair link system.its name called Hi-Linker.It breaks the convention and enables technology to innovate and upgrade again, allowing users to experience intelligent office


When the manager stands up, through the height adjustable tables load system induction of the chair to the human body, that is, after the human body leaves the chair, the sensor in the seat cushion releases the signal, the height adjustable tables will immediately receive the signal, rise to the preset standing height, release hands more convenient operation.  


It has attracted the attention of many industry peers and professionals, and the audience is coming in an endless stream, which has become a beautiful scenery of the exhibition


When intelligent technology meets shared office, height adjustable tables pursues the tide of "Internet + intelligent manufacturing" and creates a new science and technology ecology in the field of shared office through space intelligence.  "Hi-Linker is more like a bridge, connecting height adjustable table and intelligent technology together, so that work and life gradually to intelligent and integrated development."  







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