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Two Legs Solution Two Motors For health reasons and for the sake of the environment we use environmental material. We keep the lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W. All control boxes have low standby power as standard. The Handset will be turn off automatically if not work reach 1 minutes

Omni’s HiLinker Motion Table range integrates the adjustment mechanisms seamlessly into the desk frame giving a clean and less mechanical appearance. Omni products can also be installed as single desks or clustered workstations.    

1. Frame Design: different legs, but one frame. With the wide product programmed. You get access to different standard columns with motor housings that all ft the same frame construction. Whether you prefer a rectangular or a round leg, oval leg and just one screw size for all installation.

2. System Solution: A small number of elements can be combined to create a wide range of office types, the structure provides support for work-surfaces, screens, wire management and storage. Many of the components are shared with a complimentary fixed height bench system.    

3. Screen: Fabric-covered screens in various widths enhance employees’ privacy and glass versions also enable communication. Screens can be fitted with a rail to accommodate various accessories    

4. Table Top: Multi-use single tables have laminate tops and white-black gloss steel legs fitted with glides       

5. Storage: A wide range of storage units, that can adapt to your space and needs in every work area, making them an essential part of storage in your workplace.

6. Wire Management: power socket with different options, UL approved Keep the lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W.Power outlets and cables are fully concealed in the center technology raceway. Smart tops provide socket access to data ports and the standard 4-circuit power system. For frequent user access, surface- and edge-mount power and data options assure connections are always close at hand.                                                     

7. ICONTROLLER SYSTEM: Power Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz Max. 3A.

- Touch panels

- Display for desk height

- Memory functions

- iControl System Type: CE/UL/FCC for Controller Box, IEC 60950-1 (TOP STANDARD)

- Warranty Period: 5 years

- Anti-Collison Sensor 

- Blue-Tooth Adapter 


* Sore feet

* Swelling of the legs

* Varicose veins

* Static muscle fatigue

* Low back pain

COLUMN APPEARANCE                                                        

Rectangular, round or oval appearances.

Two or three-part telescopic outer tubes.

Columns can be confgured for wide top/narrow bottom,or vice versa depending on preference                                    Maximum load:120kgs

Low standby power:<0.1w

Low noise level:<50dB

3 stages column:40mm/s

2 stages column:33mm/s                                                    

Frame height

3 stages column:560~1210mm

2 stages column:650~1150mm

Frame Extension:1200-1600mm

Recommended work surface dimensions



Weight of OM01 package:33~40kg


Cable tray, safety lock and enhanced

anti-collision feature with extra smart touch                   Available in three different feet

options and sizes.Feel free to

mix and match,present the best

design in your eyes





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